Alumni Association

Alumni Association

With the initiatives of Dr. R. S. Fulzele, principal of the college, the college Alumni Association was established in the year 2003, with the sole aim of forming an active forum of the former students of the college, which would assist the college to organize activities to develop the college, providing help to needy and deserving students and organizing various projects for the benefit of the students. The Association has more than 180 members.

Aimes and Objectives

  • To encourage the members to take active interest in the activities and progress of the Alma Mater.
  • To award scholarship and aid to the needy students of the college.
  • To provide assistance and facilities for all round development of the college.
  • To promote and encourage friendly relations among the members of the Association.
  • To keep alumni informed about the Alma Mater.
  • To promote and support technological planning, research and development.
  • To promote career guidance, interaction with industries and continuing education.
  • To explore possible avenues of assistance from and co-operation with financial, charitable and other educational institutions.
  • To guide and help students to plan for a better and prosperous future.

Future Plan

  • To work on the STUDY CENTRE to equip it with all facilities.
  • To gererate funds to give scholarship to the poor and needy students.
  • To organize awareness activities on HIV / AIDS, Human Rights, etc.
  • To sponcor prizes and medals for students.
  • Activities on the population education.
  • Workshop on higher education.
  • To organize lecture series.

Alumni Association Executive Committee

  • Dr. C. B. Masram (Principal) - Patron and President
  • Shri. Ganeshrao Barve - Executive President
  • Shri. Shivkumar Madhwani - Vice-President
  • Shri. Harish Rangwani - Vice-President
  • Shri. Anandrao Ramteke - Secretaryt
  • Dr. Rajendra O. Belokar - Joint Secretary
  • Shri. Rajendra Ramteke - Joint Secretary
  • Ku. Namita Dubey - Treasurer
  • Dr. S. P. Pawar - Member
  • Dr. M. F. Jadhao - Member
  • Dr. G. G. Baghmar - Member
  • Dr. (Ku.) B. D. Katekhaye - Member
  • Ad. Manish Rawlani - Member
  • Ad. Pramod Ilme - Member
  • Dr. Rajesh Dipte - Member
  • Dr. Dinesh Dohale - Member
  • Shri Kamlesh Raut - Member
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