Perspective Plan

Perspective Plan

The perspective plan of the Seth Narsingdas Mor College of Arts & Commerce & Smt. G.D. Saraf Science College, Tumsar- 441 912 Dist. Bhandara, (Maharashtra) 2018-2025.

Our Vision

To promote education for the development of personality of the individual in all respect- physical, intellectual and moral and thereby, making him a useful member of society.

Curricular Aspects

The college is affiliated to RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur and follows the curriculum prescribed by the University. The following aspects have to be considered to set the benchmark in line with the present programmes.

  • To promote the faculty members to participate in curriculum designing and reviewing at the university level.
  • Start new academic programs on self- financed basis.
  • Encourage faculty and students to take up relevant online courses.
  • Develop online modules of courses and other.
  • Interact with stakeholders regarding their feedback on the curriculum, and incorporate these into practice.
  • Provide opportunities for capacity building to the faculty for innovative teaching learning strategies to ensure effective curriculum delivery.
  • To start short term skill based programs to train the student to enhance global competencies.
  • To conduct academic and other quality related audits.

Teaching – Learning and Evaluation

There is a need to train teachers to be competent, not only at the local, but also at the global level. Keeping this in mind, for the coming years, we propose the following:

  • Incorporate advances in ICT in curriculum transactions, as well as evaluation and assessment.
  • Equip students for curriculum transaction to meet the challenges and global competencies.
  • To promote traditional Indian and universal values among students.
  • Develop partnerships with organizations and carry out collaborative programs for students.
  • To organize intercollegiate competition programmes for students.
  • To organize training workshops for student.
  • Provision for digital resources for technology enhanced learning.
  • The college is committed to catering to diverse needs of students.
  • We propose to update and make optimal use of gymnasium and provide counseling services to our learners.
  • Encourage students to become members of online teacher forums to develop global competencies.
  • Provide scope for students to use different modes for reflective teaching and learning.
  • Motivate teacher educators to use latest and need based software approach to teaching learning.
  • Strengthen evaluation of teachers through self-appraisals, peer appraisal and student feedback.
  • Organize guest lecturers for students to enhance the understanding of subject.

Research Consultancy and Extension

In order to further enhance the quality of research, consultancy and extension, we plan to take the following measures:

  • Promote dissemination of quality research through annual publication.
  • Encourage teachers to conduct researches and publish through different forums.
  • Encourage faculty to take up local community need based research projects.
  • Encourage faculty to take up collaborative and participatory research.
  • To enhance the quantity and quality of MoUs / Collaborations/Linkages with different industries.
  • To conduct outreach programme with the help of NSS/NCC and other departments of the college.
  • To organize campus / job placements in collaboration with various industries.

Infrastructure and Learning Resources

The institution proposes to augment the infrastructure and learning resources as per the requirements of the changing times and the revised syllabus time to time.

  • Addition of necessary infrastructure to accommodate increased numbers of students every year, so as to meet the needs of increased number of students.
  • Make arrangements for providing departments with computers for effective curriculum transaction.
  • Develop an auditorium with a capacity of 200 people.
  • Update the different laboratories as per need.
  • Further enrich the facilities in the college gymnasium.
  • Further improve an independent canteen facility.
  • To increase the numbers of titles in the library and further improve the digitized college library.
  • To strengthen the e-learning resources like INFLIBNET, e-journals, e-books to students and teachers.

Student Support and Progression

Strong student support lead to students thriving at the personal, academic as well as professional areas. We propose the following:

  • Strengthen mentoring, counseling facility for students.
  • Have group accident insurance for all students.
  • Strengthen the career and placement cell.
  • Tap the potential of the alumni for students’ mentoring.
  • Organize soft skills courses for grooming students for future career.

Governance and Leadership

The vision and mission of the institution are translated into reality through efficient leadership and governance. Keeping this in mind in the coming years, we propose :

  • Strengthen the IQAC and CDC by empanelling eminent educationists from other educational institutions like management institutions, other reputed persons from the universities, and NGOs.
  • Complete digitization of MIS and overall administration of the institution.
  • Follow and maintain the professional ethics in the institutional, so as to sustain cordial relationships amongst members and students.
  • Encourage faculty for professional enhancement (research, consultancy, publications etc).
  • Enhance stakeholder relationships by involving them in feedback process for continuous improvement.
  • Sustain the practice of continuous system of feedback and strengthen it further by online mechanisms.

Innovative Practices and best practices

We propose the following innovations for the coming years.

  • Collaborate with reputed Non - Government Organizations to conduct classes/courses for professional and personal development as a value added service to the students and community.
  • Facilitate online learning for students on-campus and off-campus through different available modes viz. e-Pathashala, etc.
  • Learning through exploring and research thereby enhancing students scientific temperament.
  • Strive for continuous professional growth by making MOOCS an integral part of the curriculum for students and staff.
  • Energy conservation by reducing Electricity consumption through installation of LED lights, solar panels, solar water heaters, etc.
  • The college will undertake Green initiatives viz., to promote eco-friendly campus and paperless administration and others.
  • Participation and organization of research and development based Avishkar, like activities for students.
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