Research Promotion Cell

Research Promotion Cell

  • The college has established a 'Research Promotion Cell' early in 2005 which was formerly called as ‘Research Cell’, presently headed by Dr. M. F. Jadhao as a coordinator (2012-13 till date).
  • Research Promotion Cell of the college sensitizes and promotes the research atmosphere in the college for student and teacher enrichment.
  • The cell is equipped with internet and computing facility which helps the teacher community in the college to search the information regarding research.
  • The cell also provides online learning recourses (e- books, e- Journals, etc.) to the teachers as well as students through INFLIBNET (N-List).
  • The cell guide the faculties regarding PBAS based API system and also verify their API for CAS (promotion and placement of teachers).
  • The cell provides information and assistance to faculty members to secure external funding to initiate project proposals for research projects.
  • The faculties take the guidance and help provided by cell to prepare the proposal of minor and major research projects.
  • Research assessment (advisory) committee checks the proposals of research projects of teachers before submission to the funding agencies.
  • Cell keeps all the records of publications (research paper, books etc.), yearly API of the faculty, research projects funded by government agencies, Ph. Ds. awarded by college supervisors, research awards/ achievement, linkages (collaboration) with other institutes etc.
  • The faculties of the college are encouraged updating their knowledge and professional skill by participating in national and international conferences, seminars, orientation and refresher courses and workshops as well as to get training of teaching skills.
  • The faculties have completed five minor research projects funded by UGC during NAAC assessment period (2012-13 to 2016-17) and one project is completed in 2017-18 funded by ICSSR (Indian Council of Social Sciences Research).
  • The cell provides information and assistance to faculty members to secure external funding to organize seminars and conferences in the college.
  • The College organized more than five conferences/ seminars/ workshops funded by various funding agencies during the current assessment period of NAAC.
  • The faculty members regularly publish their research works in national and international journals and proceeding of the conferences.
  • During the current assessment period of NAAC (20112-13 to 2016-17), college faculties published 114 research papers in national/ international journals with high impact factors and more than 64 research papers published in conference proceedings.
  • 57 text books with ISBN are also authored by some faculty members of arts, commerce and science faculty.
  • Some faculty members also have contributed as a resource person/ chairperson in national conferences/ seminars/ workshops.
  • The research promotion cell continuously guides and assists to teachers for higher studies like Ph.D.
  • Of 34 faculties, 20 teachers are having Ph.D. as the highest qualification, 7 acquired Ph.D. during assessment period and one during 2018-19. Two faculties submitted their Ph.D. thesis to the University and two are pursing the same.
  • 10 faculties of the college are working as university recognized Ph. D supervisors.
  • 9 students awarded Ph. D degree, 7 submitted Ph.D. theses to the University and 4 are pursuing degree under the able guidance of college Ph.D. research supervisors.
  • Department of sociology has been publishing a National half yearly peer reviewed journal, ‘Social Issues and Problems’ (ISSN 22783199, UGC enlisted Journal from 2nd June, 2012.
  • Department of mathematics and Botany have established five years linkages with other college/ University with effect from 13/08/2015-13/08/2020 and 18/06/2016-18/06/2021 respectively.
  • Dr J. V. Gadpayale, Dept of Botany received Dr. T. R. Sahu award for best paper on medicinal plan from IAAT in 2013-14.
  • Dr. R. J. Bhagat has received the best research paper award by Maharashtra Samajshatrta parishad State level conference in 2014-15.
  • Dr. M. F. Jadhao, Department of zoology received best paper presentation award in the International Conference on ‘Role of social science, science, management and technology in achieving sustainable development’ organized by Matru Seva Sangh Institute of Social Work Nagpur, Shri Shivaji Science College Nagpur and S. N. Mor College, Tumsar on 25th and 26th May, 2018 at Hotel Long Beach Garden, Pattaya, Thialand.
  • College conducted six months ‘Short Term Research Methodology Course’ for two years (2015-16 to up to 206-17).
  • Computer department yearly organizes computer training course for teaching and nonteaching staff.
  • Efforts are made to inculcate the research attitude in graduating students through projects and seminars.
  • The departments organize guest lectures on various topics as co-curricular activities for students & some department wall posters. The seminars for students are also the part of student enrichment (development activity) in the college.
  • College acknowledges and rewards the staff members and students for the achievement in the field of research, publication of books, for award of Ph.D. degree, etc.

Research Assessment (Advisory) Committee

No. Name Details
01 Dr. M. F. Jadhao (Head of Zoology Dept.) Coordinator, Research promotion Cell
02 Dr. K. N. Sathawane (IQAC Coordinator and Head of Botany Dept.) Member
03 Dr. M. T. Lambat (Head of commerce Dept.) Member
04 Dr. P. P. Dehliwal (Asso. Prof., commerce Dept.) Member
05 Dr. R.K. Dipte (Head of English Dept.) Member
06 Dr. R. J. Bhagat (Head of Sociology Dept.) Member

Meeting of Research Advisory Committee in Research Promotion Cell

Visit of Vice Chancellor; R. T. M. Nagpur University to Research Promotion Cell

Yearwise Report of Research Promotion Cell
# Year View or Download in pdf
1 Research Promotion Cell Annual Report 2018-19 #
2 Research Promotion Cell Annual Report 2017-18 #
3 Research Promotion Cell Annual Report 2016-17 #
4 Research Promotion Cell Annual Report 2015-16 #
5 Research Promotion Cell Annual Report 2014-15 #
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