Courses/ Certificate Course in Research Methodology

Course Structure :
Research is the scientific art of investigation. It is a great human endeavor which is the root cause of human progress. Research is the collective enterprise of exploring the new vistas of knowledge. It is carried out in the perspective of logical positivism and phenomenology. Research contributes to Knowledge expansion, knowledge explosion, knowledge transmission and knowledge management. It is the process of understanding natural as well as social realities so as to make human life smooth and comfortable.

The Six Month Certificate Course in research methodology of S. N. Mor Arts, Commerce & Smt. G. D. Saraf Science College, Tumsar Dist. Bhandara, affiliated to Department of Continuing, Adult Education and Extension, Rashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj Nagpur University, Nagpur has been scientifically designed to meet local and regional needs, fulfill national obligations and honor international commitments through quality research in different disciplines. To promote the excellence in research work the college has scientifically developed the Six Months Certificate Course of Research Methodology. It will enable the researchers to know the basic technicality of the paradigm of quantitative and qualitative research. It will enable them to explore the research problems as well to know their solving approach. To conclude, the course work aims to provide scientific understanding of research process to the prospective researchers.
Basic structure of the Course Work :
As per the UGC Regulation 2009, the course work is a mandatory part for pursuing Ph.D. Six Month Certificate Course in Research Methodology focuses on to induce and orient the research scholars towards the basic research processes, methodology and methods. Before undertaking the doctoral dissertation work, completion of the Coursework is the pre requisite condition so as to enabling the scholars to conduct research.
Compulsory Course Work for Ph. D. Candidates :
(Rastrasant Tukdoji Mahararaj, Nagpur University, Nagpur. Direction No. 29 of 2012 - Eligibility criteria and procedure for registration of candidates, allotment of supervisors / guide and research topics, submission of thesis and its evaluation for the award of degree of doctor of philosophy direction, 2012. Page - 10.) (Direction issued under Section 14(8) of the Maharashtra Universities Act, 1994).

(A) After having been admitted to Ph.D. course every candidate shall have to undertake course work of minimum period of one semester which will be treated as pre Ph.D. preparation. The course work must include topics on research methodology, quantitative methods of computer application, seminars, and review of published research work in the relevant field.

(B) The evaluation of course work shall be done by the concerned Guide. Completion report of the Course work shall be submitted by the Guide to the Head of the Place of Research in duplicate (Annexure- II). Copy of completion report shall thereafter be forwarded by the Head of the Place of Research to the University Ph.D. Cell.

(C) If found necessary by guide, with consent of Head of the Place of Research, course work may be carried out by the candidates in departments/institutes/affiliated colleges either within or outside the University. In such a case completion report of the course work shall be submitted by the Head of the concerned department /institute /affiliated college to the guide who shall forward it to the Head of the Place of Research. Copy of the completion report shall thereafter be forwarded by the Head of Place of Research to University Ph.D. Cell.
Benefits in API Score for College Professors :
In the UGC Regulation 2010 - Category – III – Research and academic contributions III (E) (i) - Refresher courses, Methodology workshops-courses, Training, Teaching-Learning-Evaluation Technology Programmes, Soft Skills development Programmes, Faculty Development Programmes (20 Marks)
Course Objectives :
1) To enable the participants to develop a scientific attitude.
2) To develop in the participants a sound understanding of the various aspects / phases of the research process.
3) To provide opportunities to develop various research skills.
4) To develop an understanding of the use of statistical methods and use of computers in social science research.
Teaching Method :
  1. Interactive lectures / Discussion.
  2. Assignments for self-study (library work including the use of internet resources).
  3. Assignments for presentation by the student. (Assignments / Presentations relate to Writing articles, Reviews, Chapter summaries, Bibliographical lists, Research Proposals, Tolls of data collection, Abstract etc.)
  4. Workshops / Seminars / Exercises to develop research skills.
Eligibility for course :
Any graduate from any faculty.
General Rules and Regulations :
  1. All graduate or all those, pursuing their doctoral work, and college or university teachers will be eligible to apply for these courses.
  2. The course will commence in the month of June of every year.
  3. There shall be a total of 60 seats. Fifty percent of the seats shall be reserved for the participants who belong to SC, ST, NT, VJ, OBC and SBC category.
  4. In case of unavailability of the participants belonging to SC, ST, NT, VJ, OBC, SBC category then, the reserved seats will be open to the 'open category' candidates.
  5. The classes will be conducted on Saturdays and Sunday (Eight teaching hours per week).
  6. A Research Dissertation based on mini research shall be mandatory for all participants.
  7. At least 75 percent of attendance in theory classes shall be mandatory.
  8. Examination will be conducted by the Department of CAEE and Certificate duly signed by the Director Department of CAEE and Course Director will be awarded to the successful candidates only.
Pattern of Questions Paper :
  1. Question paper will consist of five question and all questions shall be compulsory.
  2. There will be no internal choice.
  3. All questions will carry equal Marks.
  4. Each paper will be of 3 hours duration.
  5. Minimum passing marks in each head (theory and dissertation) will be 50 percent.
Duration of Course :
  • Semester : One Semester (6 Months)
  • Hours : 8 Hours per week.
  • Marks : 300 Marks (Three Papers: 100 marks for each paper)
  • Course Syllabus :
    Paper I 100 Marks Designing Research and Problem Formulation
    Paper II 100 Marks Data Processing and use of Computers and Statistical Methods
    Paper III A 50 Marks Dissertation based on mini research project
    Paper III B 50 Marks Viva Voce
    Teaching Timings :
  • Every Saturday 03:00 pm to 07:00 pm.
  • Every Sunday 09:00 am to 01:00 pm.
  • Library Timings :
  • Every Saturday 03:00 pm to 07:00 pm.
  • Fee Structure :
    College Admission Fees Rs. 3000
    University Registration Fees Rs. 300
    University Exam Fees Rs. 700

    Course Director
    Dr. C. B. Masram
    S. N. Mor Art's, Commerce & Smt. G. D. Saraf Science College, Tumsar. Mob. - 09422113067 / 09422822727.
    Course Co-ordinator
    Dr. Rahul J. Bhagat
    Head, Dept. of Sociology,
    S. N. Mor Art's, Commerce & Smt. G. D. Saraf Science College, Tumsar. Mob. - 09422113067 / 09422822727.

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